Creative Blogger Award

Creative Blogger Award-1


I was nominated for the Creative Blogger Award by Brett Michael Orr @ Brett Michael Orr. You should totally check out his website, and follow him on twitter!

Here are the rules:

  • Nominate 10-15 blogs and notify all nominees via their blogs/social accounts
  • Thank and post the link of the blog who nominated you
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules onto the nominees

So now I’m going to list 5 (plausibly..kind-of..not really creative?) facts about myself.

Fact #1

I’ve recently gotten kind-of obsessed with watching comedy youtube channels. I’m not sure why but it’s kind-of a stress reliever and a break from studying for exams (which are making me sooo anxious). In case you’re wondering (I know you are) my favorite youtube channels are: Superwoman (who doesn’t watch her?!), Epic Reads, and MyLifeAsEva. What are your favorite youtube channels? Recommend me some!!

Fact #2

My favorite TV shows are The Flash and The Arrow. I am so obsessed with these two tv shows even now after the season is over, I can’t stop thinking about them!! If you like superheroes then you should watch them.

Fact #3

I’ve started writing a new book: The Good, The Bad, The Inbetween and I’m posting chapters of it (as I write them) on wattpad. It features people of color (specifically an Indian American MC) and lgbt characters. Even if I don’t end up finishing it or publishing it, I’m hoping that the experience of writing it will help me grow and improve as a writer.

Fact #4

I get the best ideas when I’m just about to fall asleep. I think that might be because that’s when I’m letting my mind wander and writing fanfics in my head. Of-course I literally jolt awake when I think of these ideas and end up noting them down on my iPhone, a piece of paper..basically a place where it’ll be safe and sound for me to document in the morning. This is actually harder than it sounds because I’ve got awful eye sight and I can barely see one feet in front of me if I’m not wearing my glasses.

Fact #5

I love organizing all the books on my Kindle into different categories. E.g. Summer TBR, Reading Right Now (in which I have 20 books..but don’t worry I’m only reading 4 simultaneously), Read Right Away (like all the books from 2015 that I want to read ASAP but I will probably read most of them after a year anyway), Books Galore (random books I’m not sure what to do with).

And now I’m going to nominate some people!


Kayla @ Kayla’s Books || Sophie @ Imaginary Misadventure || Jeann @ Happy Indulgence || Jess @ My Reading Dress || Joy + Alana @ Thoughts By J || Kelly @ Diva Booknerd || Kristy @ A Queen of Babble || Christy @ Novel Ink || Amber + Jessica @ The Book Bratz || Jamie @ The Perpetual Page-Turner

9 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award

    1. You welcome! Yay 🙂 Feel free to tweet me when you publish the post 😀 Thank-you! Yes, you do!! Arrow is AMAZING! I’m pretty both Flash and Arrow is going to be renewed so I’m SOO excited for the new seasons 😀


  1. Hmm, for Youtube recs, I’d suggest Ava (bookishpixie) for writing vlogs and Honest Trailers for pure entertainment. And totally adding your Wattpad book to my library! Diversity is always fabulous. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks SO MUCH for doing the tag Rachana! 😀 Great answers here – I don’t watch a lot of YouTube, but I absolutely LOVE Epic Rap Battles of History, Minute Physics, and (although I’m a season behind), Video Game High School. I’m also partial to a great Aussie YouTuber called VaatiVidya who does videos for some popular game series that I like.

    Thanks for sharing your creative facts! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You welcome! I’m so glad you tagged me 😀 Oooh I’m gonna check out all those youtube channels right away. 😛 I was worried my facts aren’t creative enough!

      Liked by 1 person

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