Unpopular Opinion Tag

Unpopular Opinion Tag

 I saw this tag at Novel Ink but credit for tag creation goes to TheBookArcher.

A Popular Book or Series That You Didn’t Like


I actually got so bored, I stopped reading about halfway through this book. That was a few years ago but I haven’t tried it again since because I’m pretty sure my taste in books hasn’t changed that much.

Popular Book or Series that Everyone Hates But You Love


Now that I think about it…I’m kind of realizing that I mostly “follow the crowd” in terms of what I read. Most of the books I’ve read have such good avg ratings on Goodreads…except for Panic by Lauren Oliver. I’m not sure if it counts as a popular book but Lauren Oliver is a New York Times Bestselling Author..so there’s that! I loved this book so much but the avg rating on Goodreads is pretty low at a 3.57 (but I gave it 5 stars).

Popular Book Genre You Hardly Reach For

I will have to agree with the folks at Novel Ink and say Historical Fiction. (History is also my least favorite subject.)

A Popular or Beloved Character that You Didn’t Like


I did not like Bianca’s character (and I DNF the book).

A Popular Author that You Can’t Seem to Get Into


There was so much hype about this book and so when I finally did get around to reading it… I was pretty disappointed! The author’s writing style also wasn’t really working for me.

A Popular Book Trope that You’re Tired of Seeing

Probably the “evil/clingy/psycho/jealous/stalkish ex-girlfriend” trope. It would be great to see more stories where the break-up doesn’t mean the end of any positive relationship between the boyfriend and girlfriend.

A Popular Series that You Have No Interest in Reading

13496A Game of Thrones has amazing ratings on Goodreads but for some reason, I just don’t feel interested in reading it. That might change, I guess, but for now I know it’s not going on my tbr.

Show/Movie Adaption that You Liked Better Than the Book

6931356There are few cases where this happens to me but in case, I found the movie a lot more interesting to watch. I still didn’t like the character but she seemed like a toned down version of Bianca in the book. There is also so much less sex which is what annoyed me in the book. I mean, not all teens are super horny!

Who I Tag

Anyone who wants to do it! Feel free to comment below and share some unpopular opinions! 

8 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinion Tag

  1. I share so many of these opinions!! I own The Book Thief but have yet to read it. I’m in no rush to pick it up. I also really liked Panic, I thought it was super good. But then again I don’t have much to compare it to, I don’t usually read that genre or stand alones for that matter. Alienated isn’t even on my TBR, it just seems like it’s an overused idea. I also have no desire to read GoT, I don’t even like the television show. Couldn’t even get through the first season 😦

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    1. Yay! Lol I borrowed it from my school library but never finished it. I read a lot of standalones but not that many thrillers like Panic. I felt like I didn’t enjoy Alienated as much as other “alien” books I’ve read. 🙂

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      1. Did you read Lauren Oliver’s Delirium trilogy? I think that Alienated is just not in my preferred genre, ack. If I want to read about aliens, I want post-apocalyptic or high-fantasy aliens.

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      2. Yes 😀 I loved it. Hmm..I don’t really have any preferences when it comes to reading about aliens but I just love those “alien” books that are fresh and original. But sometimes the author’s writing style or the book’s plot don’t really appeal to me..


  2. Oh, thank goodness. I didn’t really like The Book Thief either, and I also have tried to read the Song of Ice and Fire books, but they didn’t really inspire me to keep going. Glad to see I’m not alone there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of-course! I was kindof worried that people might be annoyed if I mentioned book thief because it’s so popular Glad I’m not alone too 😀


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