what makes a book blog unique?

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Now I know my blog isn’t  exclusively about books but it used to be and for the most part, I still tend to publish more posts about bookish things than not. And I also thought it would be fun to approach this from the perspective of a book blogger. 

If you’ve been book blogging for awhile, you’ve probably asked yourself: what makes my blog unique? Everyone wants to stand out (and not just in a ‘we’re-all-special-snowflakes’ type of way)! So sit down & let’s have a chat!

Oh and I just want to preface this by saying there’s no point stressing about things like your blog theme when your blog is young. If you have the time/energy and you can afford to, go right ahead & invest in your blog. But if you can’t, then that’s fine too. You’re already halfway there if you’ve made a blog and there’s no point worrying about whether you’re doing it ‘right.’ I believe in fate and I believe in things falling into place. That said, I’d like to identify some things that have made certain blogs stand out to me! 


There are so many blogs with stellar themes that leave me wishing I could code myself a theme just like that. *sob* Now, I’ll be the first to admit that a ‘good’ blog doesn’t necessarily need a fancy theme but it’s like the icing on the cake. And if first impressions matter, you definitely know people will stick around and appreciate your effort. (If you bought yourself a great theme, good on you! Perhaps I will do so too in the, hopefully, near future!)  

I love The Book Bratz‘s theme  because it’s simple but pretty. Everything about it screams effortless. Chiara Sullivan’s blog theme is (slightly?) fancier but I love the recurring images of the quill pen. 


It is hard (but not impossible of course) to come up with something that is 100% unique. Most often, us bloggers, prefer to build on ideas or topics. For example, book tags are still pretty popular in the blogosphere. But does anyone know who created the first book tag? Most likely, no. But we do know of bloggers who created a ‘type’ of book tag (ie. The Coffee Book Tag). This is just one example of how bloggers each bring a different perspective that makes their version of the feature interesting. Being opinionated makes our blogs interesting! Another great example are discussion posts which tackle various issues in the community. While some are very lighthearted, others are more serious and address drama in the community. In the end, there are always ways to make your blog stand out in your niche.

Some blogs with great content are: The Devil Orders Takeout, readbynicka, and Princessica of Books.


When I think of bloggers with a unique writing style, Cait immediately comes to mind! Her writing style is very quirky and leaves me with the feeling that she’s talking to (or in some cases yelling at) me. However, there’s no point trying to develop a writing style that has the sole purpose of making you stand out. It’s better to simply infuse your writing with your personality and the results are more likely to be both authentic and satisfying. Other bloggers with a great writing style are: Claire, Of Wonderland, and YA Romantics.


Bloggers like Aentee @ Read at Midnight who designs all sorts of things (including bookish wallpapers & themes) are making a name for themselves in the community. The cool thing is that anyone can throw together a blog header or a simple graphic introducing a discussion post. But over time, readers come to associate a certain style of graphics with a specific blog. They know what to expect when they visit that blog and they return because they like what they saw the first time. 

Blogs with great graphics: Written Word Worlds,  Book Nerd, Bookish Whimsy


So these are just some things I’ve noticed. But what do you think makes a (book!) blog unique? Have I missed anything (important)? 

16 thoughts on “what makes a book blog unique?

  1. This sentence –> “It’s better to simply infuse your writing with your personality and the results are more likely to be both authentic and satisfying.” YES! I couldn’t agree more. That is absolutely perfect advice. I feel like you can tell when someone is trying to force some sort of “unique” voice because it doesn’t feel genuine. It can hard to make your own voice come out though. It took me time. Like, when I first started blogging, my writing was all stiff and formal-like, but now I just write like me lol.

    Anyway, I don’t know if there’s anything that really makes a book blog “unique” at this point as we’re all really just writing about the same things and everything has been done before, but the blogs that stand out to me generally do so because of the bloggers who write them. If the blogger is friendly or funny or we just click in some way, those are the blogs I go back to all the time. But I do also like good content (usually my favorites are discussions and things other than book reviews, oddly enough). I don’t usually stick around or remember blogs just because of their theme or graphics, but a pretty blog combined with good content is more memorable. And I might decide to leave a blog if it just looks messy and chaotic and I’m getting a headache just trying to figure out what I’m looking at lol.

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    1. Oh I’m so glad you agree with my advice haha. I have a tendency to overthink things (when it comes to giving advice) so I just tried to follow my gut when I was writing this one. Ahah I was worried my voice was too informal but looking back, my old posts aren’t actually that bad haha. Oh yes!! Friendly bloggers definitely make me want to keep visiting their blog. I feel like it’s interesting how the theme or graphics doesn’t influence whether you stay on the blog because I know some people just visit certain blogs for the graphics (and then take a quick look around before ditching). Well I hope this long comment (thank you for that by the way) means you’re enjoying reading my blog posts 😀 I hope you have a great day!


  2. All great things!

    I have to admit I’m a content kind of person, though. I’m really not into voice or great graphics if the posts are particularly interesting or original. 🙂

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  3. Omg you’re too nice to me.😂 but yelling?? Meeee??? SURELY NOT. (Whoops there I go again. Ahem.) Although I do think that a blogger can work on their blogging voice to make it how they want it to be, because mine subtly changes the more I blog. I used to be much more wildly shrieking believe it or not. (I KNOW. I’m bad enough as is.) And yet IRL I’m actually quiet as anything. Ahem.😂
    But anyway! RANDOM. I think this is a great list of tips on how to make your blog stand out! A combination of all these ways is monstrously fantastic. And just honing your blogging voice/style is such a good thing too. :’)

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    1. Oh the yelling definitely makes you stand out (in a good way!) ❤ I'm definitely a lot less outgoing IRL too 😀 I think it's kind of cool how we can tweak that voice so it really represents us?? I mean I imagine you're pretty cheerful and random. Yes? Ah I mean I'm not sure if I'm ""qualified"" to give tips but nonetheless I do love making lists + pointing things out + reccing cool blogs. ("monstrously fantastic" huh!).


  4. I’m always super interested to see what certain bloggers like to see in other blogs! (Also: thank you for linking to my blog! I’m so glad you like the design <3)

    The number one thing that I always look for in a blog is content. It doesn't necessarily have to be SUPER unique (I don't know if that even exists anymore. I am sure at least one other person has written about every topic in this blogosphere), but I want it to interest me. This is completely personal! But I always like to see something that makes me want to read a post – either the title, or what the post is about, or the content. I love finding blogs that have posts that just go "read me". And things like theme and graphics and all that (while being very nice on the eyes) don't matter as much to me when I can find content that I love 😀

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  5. Aah there are so many great book blogs here! I think that all the things you mentioned here are excellent points. *nods* Going a little further into the content, I sometimes associate blogs with a particular genre they write about, or a unique post format. And coming up with original projects/tags/link-ups is also good!

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    1. There are! And I’m always dropping by them so I couldn’t help mentioning them haha. Ohh yes, I definitely notice if a blog/blogger gravitates around a particular genre. Also, formatting (which is the bane of *my* existence) never fails to impress me when done right. Thanks for dropping by Eve! ❤

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  6. This is a great post Rachana! In my opinion, I think what makes a blog stand out is its personality. I feel like our blogs are an extension of our personality and that alone makes every blog unique in its own way. Josephine Knight’s blog for example reflects her neat and organized personality while Trisha from The Bookgasm Blog shows her fancy and bright personality through her blog’s layout and theme.

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    1. Hey! Thanks for dropping by haha. Ooh yes I totally agree with you. But even though I’m an introvert, I tend to gravitate more toward ‘extroverted’ blogs with those bright colors + ‘loud’ text. I suppose it makes me feel like the person is talking to me? Anyway, what kind of blogs or personalities (is that a word?) are you attracted to more? 🙂

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      1. Depends really! I don’t think I have a particular type but I do tend to prefer blogs that have a structure…as in blogs with easy or atleast friendly navigation and whatnot. Appearance doesn’t really matter much to me as it differs from person to person.

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