5 things I’ve learned in 3 years of blogging

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WordPress recently notified me that I made an account on their website 3 years ago. So I think it’s about time I shared 5 things that I’ve learned about blogging over the last 3 years.


Blogging as a high school student turned out be WAY more difficult than I anticipated. I first made a book blog in the summer before 9th grade and back then, I was able to update a few times a week. But after a year , I had to start adding “write a blog post” to my to do lists and actively make time to brainstorm and write posts.


Maybe this is an obvious lesson but it’s also one that people often forget. So far, I’ve had about four blogs. Two of those blogs died a slow death because I wasn’t passionate about the topics I blogged about on them. For example, I started a nail polish blog in my tweens because I didn’t know what to blog about. At first, I could convince myself that it was fun but within months, I got bored and quit. I also didn’t know enough, about nail polish or fashion trends, to write anything insightful. I also started a lifestyle blog a year or two ago but soon realized that I love to talk about books far more than things like travel, food, or productivity.


I found it daunting, in the beginning, to interact with other more established bloggers. But the online book (blog) community was very friendly and welcoming. And if you want to grow your blog, interacting with others is important. Furthermore, it’ll be harder for others to discover your blog if you don’t do some (shameless) self promotion.


Don’t let anything stop you from blogging. Anything can be rude comments (I haven’t encountered any of these so far thankfully!), not enough views or follows, etc.

That said, sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t have the time or energy to keep blogging. Then of course it’s okay to take a break. We’re all humans! But when you can, come back to your blog and dust off the cobwebs.


Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Let your personality shape your blog posts and try to make them unique. There are a lot of book blogs out there but each one is unique because of the different things that each blogger brings to the table. And yes, coming up with 100% unique discussion posts is difficult but more often than not, there’s a way to put your own spin on different topics.

Now I would love to hear about what kinds of things you’ve learned since starting to blog! Do you have any tips or advice? Feel free to share in the comments. (Quick shameless plug: you can follow my blog via bloglovin here!)


14 thoughts on “5 things I’ve learned in 3 years of blogging

  1. Interesting post! I definitely agree with all your points, especially the one on just being yourself and having your own personality. I think it’s all important to note that as bloggers, we change and sometimes that means that our blog content changes with us. That is OK. Blogging is a form of creative expression so we shouldn’t shy away from posting what we want because of what our followers would think.

    Congrats on 3 years of blogging, Rachana! I aspire to be as committed to blogging as you haha 🙂

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  2. Congrats on 3 years! Our blogs are contemporaries then because mine’s birthday is in August! And these things you’ve learned are so true! The keep going part rings specially true to me. The fact that you enjoy something doesn’t mean it’s always going to be all rainbows and unicorns. In fact, the true test is sticking with it even during the hard parts, maybe taking breaks, but coming back and charging again.

    And btw it’s so amazing you started blogging early! I have two dead blogs under my belt too XD I wish I had started when I was 14 or so to have had more time to be around the awesome people of the community!

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    1. Thank you! And happy early blogging birthday! (Tbh I think I missed my blog’s birthday because I wasn’t checking wordpress that consistently while school was in session haha.)

      Yes that’s an excellent way to put it! Blogging is never always easy! And wow high five! I was worried I was the only one with dead blogs lol. I still feel guilty for abandoning them whoops.


  3. I’ve only been blogging for a few months now, but I agree with a bunch of these! I didn’t realize when I first started how much tiiime everything would take. It’s not even the actual posts that take the longest; it’s more reading/commenting on others’ posts.
    I also think it’s important to take breaks. Blogging is supposed to be fun, so when it feels like a chore, I try to take a short break.
    Wonderful review!!

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    1. Oh yes I definitely agree with you about that – it does take time to leave thoughtful comments on other people’s blog posts. I’m glad you take breaks when you need to! Hope you can find time to continue blogging as as your blog grows. 🙂


  4. I have no advice because my own blog is a wee infant blog the size of a small bean and I know nothing. That said, I found this post succinct and enlightening. Thank you for summing up these helpful blogging tidbits. As a new blogger I really appreciate things like this! I am equipping myself for the wide world of blogging. Tallyho!

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    1. Well I’m sure your blog baby will grow up in no time hehe. Ah thank you, I’m so pleased to hear you found it helpful. I hope you have lots of fun blogging in the years to come!

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  5. CONGRATULATIONS on three years of blogging, this is fantastic! ❤ These are such great tips: if we don't make time for it and feed it with our passion, well…our blog just won't happen, this is something I have learned in my almost! three years of blogging as well. And yes, interaction and talking to other bloggers is important because it always makes me feel like I belong and gives some sense of community, which I absolutely adore. ❤

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  6. Really great post 🙂 Blogging definitely takes time, you have to put a lot of time and effort into writing the posts. I have also found the blogging community to be friendly and welcoming ^_^

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    1. Thanks! Yeah I feel like as a non blogger I used to really underestimate how much time it takes to write a good post. I’m happy to hear that you’ve had positive experiences with the blogging community! 😀

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