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Hello everyone!

So last month, Cait @ Paper Fury did a #CakeFlavouredBooks Tag (which is taken from #bookstagram btw) and made me very hungry. Today, I’ve decided to join in on the fun and try it too!

(Quick note: all images of cake were taken from Unsplash, StockSnap.io, or Pexels. Some images link to the original photographer. And I’m sorry if the cake was not accurately chosen!)

~*~ CAKE BOOK TAG ~*~toa-heftiba-98737

1.CHOCOLATE CAKE (a dark book you absolutely love)

If you asked me to read a dark book three years ago, I probably would have run away shrieking. The most I could handle were the creepy scenes in Harry Potter! BUT EVERYTHING CHANGED and these days, I find myself actually enjoying dark books!! Some books I love include: Illuminae, Wolf by Wolf, Crooked Kingdom, and Our Dark Duet! 



2. VANILLA CAKE (a light read)

For someone who loves cute and light books, I definitely don’t read them often enough. You Know Me Well is a book I read last year and I really enjoyed it. It’s romantic & funny & sometimes the character say really profound things. The Secret of a Heart Note and When Dimple Met Rishi are also great contemporary reads to turn to if you want a light read. 



3. RED VELVET (a book that gave you mixed emotions)

OK I admit I actually had to check my Goodreads shelf for this question because I’m not a very complicated bookworm. I either like a book or I don’t. Nevertheless, I managed to find two books that left me with very mixed emotions (and I did not finish reading them). The Rose Society was the much anticipated second book in The Young Elites series and I really wanted to enjoy it. But I found it slightly boring and was no longer invested in the characters. Shadow Scale is the sequel to Seraphina and I felt super conflicted about this book. I love the characters, plot, worldbuilding, etc. But it didn’t hold my interest so I stopped reading halfway through, fully intending to come back to it someday. I definitely think Seraphina was better though. 



4. CHEESECAKE (a book you would recommend to anyone)

I’m not sure if there is any book that every one would genuinely enjoy but I’m going to take a shot at answering this question by recommending some of my favorite book series. (Also V.E Schwab is my all time favorite author and I would recommend reading almost anything written by her.) 


5. COFFEE CAKE (a book you started but never finished)

I mentioned The Rose Society and Shadow Scale in a previous answer but I have quite a few more books that I’ve ditched. I was reading Lair of Dreams at the start of 2017 and I didn’t finish it because it was too long. I can have a short attention span when it comes to certain books and Lair of Dreams wasn’t compelling enough to keep me interested. I absolutely loved the Splintered series until I got to the third book which I didn’t finish. Once again, I think I just got a bit bored with the characters. I also really couldn’t get into The DUFF. I know it’s quite a popular book but I found it cliché and shallow. 



6. CARROT CAKE (a book with great writing)

I can think of several books with great writing – Uprooted which features long paragraphs of gorgeous descriptions and Furthermore with its stunning imagery. I’ve reviewed When The Moon Was Ours on the blog before and talked about how amazing it is. The Star-Touched Queen and The Rose & The Dagger are two of my favorite diverse YA fantasy books. 



7. TIRAMISU (book that left you wanting more)

I think most good books leave me wanting more but here are some books that come to mind immediately: Vicious, Radio Silence, and Shiny Broken Pieces.



8. CUPCAKES (series with 4+ books)

At first I was like “Oh no! I can’t think of any!” but then I remembered all the Shadowhunters books I’ve read so far. I finished reading Lord of Shadows last month and I STILL HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS. I just want more. (As you can tell, I don’t say that often because it’s hard for me to stay 100% invested in characters as a series progresses.) 


9. FRUIT CAKE (book that wasn’t what you anticipated)

Probably Sofia Khan is Not Obliged by Ayisha Malik.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect because I don’t read much (or any!) Adult Fiction. Some of the bloggers I follow on Twitter were recommending it though so I anticipated it to be a good book. And it was! Sofia Khan is not Obliged turned out to be so funny and honest and deep. The main character is really blunt, smart, and follows her heart. I highly recommend this book. 

(Sidenote: I don’t like fruitcakes.) 


Now, I would love to hear your answers to some of the questions from the Cake Book Tag! ALSO, do you like cake? What are some of your favorite types of cake and books? 

4 thoughts on “#CakeFlavouredBooks Tag

    I also had mixed feelings on The Rose Society… I really liked The Young Elites but wasn’t a fan of that book. I never actually ended up finishing the series. I just don’t care anymore.

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    1. So true haha. Wow *high five!* I feel the same way about the series – which is kind of sad because I loved the Legend trilogy and was just a huge fan of Marie Lu’s writing. Ah well.


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