#amwriting: some thoughts on published poems


#amwriting is a blog post series where I discuss writing projects, publications, and any other writing-related news. Today, I’m starting where I left off in my last #amwriting post.

I had a poem published in Words Dance in July. I can’t quite remember what inspired it but some of my favorite lines from it are: “I take a bite out of moons / drizzled in honey” and “The sky is / wrestling with a sheet of water.” Next, I had a poem named “Litany of Apologies for the Sad Days” published in Murmur Journal. Since the  Murmur Journal’s website is down, you can read the poem on my tumblr blog here. As you might guess from the title, the poem is about being sad and how difficult it is to escape that feeling. I had two poems featured in Issue 3 of Sugar Rascals and my poem, “Summer,” was nominated for Best of Net by Sugar Rascals. 

In December, “Goodbye,” one of my favorite poems was published in DIALOGIST. I wrote it during The Adroit Journal’s summer mentorship program two years ago and I am very very happy that it finally found a home at such an amazing literary journal. You can read “Goodbye” here. It’s unusual and bold and contains all the unsaid things that someday I’ll be brave enough to say. “Goodbye” is actually one of those poems that I wrote not intending to submit anywhere and it turned out so much truer for that. 

I also had four poems, “​”Drift,” “Disposable,” “Trickle,” and “Rattle,”  featured in Noble / Gas Qtrly in December. (The entire issue is brilliant and you can find it here.) Drift is my personal favorite of this bunch of poems but I think they all demonstrate how my style has evolved over this year. I was also interviewed (for the first time!) by Noble/Gas Qtrly and in the interview, I talk about my writing process,  sources of inspiration, and recommend a lot of great poetry (and poets!) that I’m obsessed with. 

More recently, I had two poems, “The Pond” and “Flush,” published in Blue Marble Review.”The Pond” was initially inspired by my memories of almost drowning in a (shallow) pond when I was six years old. I remember the fear and then, the relief I felt when my father pulled me out. I revisited that moment, as I wrote the poem, and then transformed it. As for “Flush,” I think the last few lines (“I ask god how to / wring the sadness from my body.”) are really the heart of the poem. The poem itself is quite abstract but those lines encompass my struggle with faith by highlighting one of many questions I’ve asked the gods. The poem also deals with my desire to make peace with mistakes I’ve made. 

Aside from all the publications, my poetry was also recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. I received an honorable mention and two silver keys. I’m excited to share those poems with you soon and I’ve been feeling very grateful that so much of my writing found a home in various online publications last year. 

A few weeks ago, I started rewriting my YA contemporary WIP from scratch and I’ll be discussing what that has been like (not easy!!) in future blog posts. As always, schoolwork makes it difficult to find time to write so I haven’t made as much progress as I wanted to. 

This is the year I want to share more of my writing with you so I’ll be posting more poetry and snippets from works in progress over the next few months. I’m very excited to share everything I’m working on with you. In fact, I’ll be reviving my newsletter, fleet-footed thoughts, to do just that. 


Comment below and tell me, how are you? I hope the universe has been treating you well. How has the writing been going? I would love to hear more about your creative projects.  

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