poetry is magic (ft. snippets from my current project)

School ends in a few weeks and I am very much looking forward to it. Senior year of high school was difficult for multiple reasons but that is why I poured all of my heart & soul into my writing. There are days when poetry is all I can think about, days when I am sad (and stressed!) and it is all I have to hold onto. Poetry has become a source of comfort, hope, and inspiration. I draw strength from it. In short, poetry has become something like magic to me.

A few months ago, I promised to share my writing more often and to revive my newsletter, fleet-footed thoughts. With the arrival of summer, I can finally keep both of those promises. For the last six months, I have been working on drafting the first fifteen poems of my chapbook, Visible Things. Today, I’ll be sharing lines from some of those poems.


Across from me, a painting
of roses is covered in black streaks.

I trace the path of the ink
spilling across the petals.

It was destroyed long before I came.


The school is only visible in the dark. I lie on the ground and try to make sense of the vast sky, that sensation of being watched. I practice reluctance by searching for coins in nearby puddles, my reflection ruined by the rain that strikes the water.


There is an awareness of touch, of soft metal
that cleaves the moon. I need to know
god is listening for this to work. God,
I am collapsing in a flooded room.
The windows are open, please come,
carry me home. Restore my faith.


These lines were taken from the poems, “Nocturne,” “Visible Things,” and “Fleeting.” I’m currently editing the chapbook but I have been submitting poems from it to literary journals. I will be sharing a few lines from “Objects,” which is forthcoming in Glass: A Journal of Poetrywith newsletter subscribers. You can subscribe here.

And to everyone who visits this blog or reads my work (wherever that may be), I just want to say a heartfelt thank you. 


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