Snazzy Snippets

snazzy snippets Snazzy Snippets is a bimonthly link-up hosted by Loony Literate and The Devil Orders Takeout. Ever since hearing about it on Twitter, I have been thinking about this link-up. And today I finally got around to writing up a post and sharing my snippets. (By the way, if you want to participate, go here.)

The first two snippets are from Sindhu’s perspective but Snippet #3 is from Sara’s perspective. All snippets are taken from the second chapter of my WIP (The Good, The Bad, The Inbetween) but the first chapter can be found here. I’m not sure if I’ll keep posting chapters because I feel like the rest of the book is going to be a lot more messy and I’ll just be focusing on getting all the words out..And hence I won’t bother editing it afterward just so I can post online.

Snippet #1: A snippet that shows your MC’s personality

“Apparently I have disciplinary issues, Ms. Liu,” I blurt, regretting the words the instant they slip out of my mouth.

“Call me Aria.” She jots something down. “How do you feel about being described that way?”

“I don’t know,” I mutter. “She’s my mom so I guess she knows best,” I parrot back at her what my mother tells me every time I question her decisions.

“You really think that?”

“Yes,” I say listlessly and to my satisfaction, disappointment glimmers in her brown eyes.

“Describe yourself,” says Aria.

I sigh, deciding to play along. “Um..I hate crowds, I like eating cookies n’ cream ice-cream, I can be anti-social, I love Bollywood music..” My voice trails off but Aria is nodding encouragingly. “You know I’m fine right?”

“I know that it’s okay not to be fine,” says Aria. “And I know I wouldn’t be fine if my best friend killed himself.”

“I’m not fine,” I say meekly.

Snippet #2: A snippet featuring the villain

“What the hell did you do?” snarls my mother. She slaps me across the face, so hard that I fall to the floor, clutching my phone. I know what comes next. I know what comes next. She grimly stares at me, zeroing in on the phone but surprisingly doesn’t try to take it from me.

“You are in so much trouble. Your therapist charges a shitload of money and you just walked out of there before your appointment ended.” She pulls her hand back, winding up to slap me again but I recoil and she misses. “You bitch,” she grabs my arm, nails digging in like claws and shoves me in the direction of my bedroom. “Go to you room but first, take a shower. You stink,” her lip curls as she surveys me. I scrabble to get out of her way, almost dropping my phone in my hurry to escape to the bathroom.

Snippet #3: A snippet that’s mostly dialogue

“What the hell Sindhu?” I begin. Anger for her irresponsibility mingles with concern and she has the grace to look ashamed. “Are you trying to kill yourself?”

“No,” whispers Sindhu. “I’m sorry, I ..” her eyes focus on her muddy clothes and hair. “My mom is going to kill me.” When she turns her face I notice a fresh bruise on her cheek.

“Who did this to you?” I ask.

“My mom,” says Sindhu faintly.

Oh my god. Ms. Mehra is into child abuse? That cruel witch.

“Sara?” Sindhu rasps. “Can you help me clean off my clothes?” Rain is still falling heavily from the sky..and I get an idea. I explain it to Sara and she hesitantly takes of her shirt, shivering in a black bra.

How did you faint?” I ask as I scrub the mud from her shirt by rubbing it against the blank grave stone. I still can’t believe his asshole parents would do something like that to him. I hand her the shirt and wait for her response.

My mom was mad at me because I ditched my therapist before the appointment ended..and I wanted to see Shawn’s grave..I had to avoid her..she’s going to be so mad when she see’s I cut myself..but it was raining..” That’s technically not even an answer but Sindhu’s voice peters out and I’m just relieved that she’s okay so I let it go. Or that she’s going to be okay. Take your pick.

“Pants.” Sindhu obediently slips out of her black pants and I scrub them too.

So what about you guys? What are you working on right now? Do you share snippets of your WIPs online or do you prefer to be secretive? Feel free to link to your own Snazzy Snippets posts in the comments below – I’d love to see them!