I’m back!

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It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that “I’m back” considering how I recently published a book review of The Night Circus and I’m super active on Twitter but anyway, here I am! If you’re wondering why I took an (almost) 3 month inofficial blogging break, it was because I thought it would be easier to keep up up with school and pursue other projects if I took a little break. But in the end, I feel like I never really left. If I’ve learned anything so far, it’s that I will always come back to this blog.

But first, I had to make some changes. In fact, I finally changed the blog address to something a bit more versatile. And to be honest, I’m kind of relieved to have gotten rid of the name “Addicted to YA” which was supposed to be temporary. I needed a name for my blog and consider the fact that I might also end up discussing topics other than YA fiction. Now, I’m just glad that the theme/address/name accurately reflects my blog posts. 

Summer break started a few weeks ago which means I’ve been investing more time in various creative endeavors! Speaking of which, I have quite a lot of things to share with you guys!

I think I may have mentioned my newsletter, fleet-footed thoughts,” on this blog earlier but while I was gone, I sent out four emails and I think the results have been pretty good considering this is my first newsletter. And by the way, I emailed subscribers, weeks ago, about some of the things I’m talking about in this post so if you’re interested in receiving early and punctual updates, you should definitely sign up. 

I was also accepted into the Adroit Journal’s summer mentorship program which started last week. I think it’s a great opportunity to interact with like-minded writers and get feedback so I’m excited to see how my writing grows and improves. 

I was also published in various places! “Moth,” was published by The Mira Project which is “currently running a campaign against street harassment.”  And “Apology” was published in Some Safer Place which is an anthology of intersectional narratives around adolescence and early adulthood. “The Summer I Turned 13” appeared in the June 2016 edition of Teen Ink Magazine. Two poems were also published in Hypertrophic Literary’s Summer 2016 issue (you should order a copy!) and I was incredibly excited to see my work in print. Most recently, I have multiple poems forthcoming and published in Eunoia Review

I finally got around to making an main website of sorts which has links to my blog, newsletter, social media, chapbook, etc. I also got to claim deluged’s goodreads page which means I’m now a goodreads author! 

One last thing before I end this post – I’ve actually unpublished a lot of the projects I was posting chapters for on Wattpad. (I’m referring to things like Sleepless which I discussed on the blog a few times.) This is because I, either lost interest, or decided I needed to revamp the project or I needed a break from it. Nonetheless, I’m currently plodding my way through a novella with the temporary title, “Project Hot Chocolate,” right now. I’ve written 10K+ words so far and I hoping to finish it before school starts in August!

Alright, that was a pretty long post..but I want to know what you guys have been up to! How has life been?? TELL ME ALL!!

12 thoughts on “I’m back!

    1. Thank you! The mentorship has been pretty great so far and I’m excited about the work I will and already have created. Yeah, I definitely want to get a lot of stuff done this break haha. Thanks for stopping by, Kristen! 🙂


  1. Congradulations in your publications!! Those are such great achievements.

    Also great move on your blog name. It should always be an accurate representation of what you’re doing. And I know sometimes people are afraid to switch things up in case of losing readership but you seem like you’re making a great transition

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    1. Thank you! Hmm yes, I was thinking that too! Oh I figured those who are interested will stick around but hopefully I didn’t lose (too much of) my readership. I always feel nervous about ‘big’ decisions like this but it feels right and I love my blog more now so I suppose that’s that.

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  2. YAY WELCOME BACK TO YOU!!! *flings welcome cake in your hair* And ohh, I like the new blog name and also omgggg so many publications. THAT IS AMAZING. I bow to your skills! And also I love the title of your novel. It is honestly everything. *shrieks* And I hope it behaves itself and is fun to write over the holidays for you. 😀

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    1. Cait!! Omg I always feel so #blessed when you drop by my blog hahahha. Your comments are like glitter (or cake ;). Thanks! I spent a lot of time submitting to a bunch of places and it was so nice to see some results. Oh man I’m on my way to ditching that novella (and the title is temporary ahaha the novella itself has nothing to do with food). No Cait it’s not behaving itself!! I’ve already started plotting something new…Something more summery and light I think. *finger crossed* this one will behave and I won’t abandon it too! ❤ Thank you for stopping by! You're blog is honestly #goals and I always love reading your comments!


  3. Welcome Back!!! I’ve been working on my blog lately because I need to schedule some blog posts, I don’t start school until August so I pretty have much time to do so. Don’t worry about not blogging, the blogging community will always be here for you ❤️

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    1. Heyy! It’s good to be back haha. 😀 Oh my school doesn’t start until August as well! It sounds like you’ve been way more productive than me! I really need to schedule more blog posts lol. Thanks, Nicka! ❤


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