‘Would You Rather’ Book Tag

would you rather book tag

I saw this tag at smalltown bookworm and decided I just had to try it.

Would you  rather… Drop your favourite book into the toilet OR watch it fall into a wood chipper?


I guess I’d say toilet because I could probably rescue it straight after.

Would you rather… read only 1 book a year but remember everything OR read 100 books a year but remember nothing?

Probably 100 books because even if I don’t remember anything, it was fun while it lasted!

Would you rather… Read only the first page of a book OR read only the last page of a book?

LAST PAGE. I must know what happens. If I’m not reading on my Kindle, I often check the back pages of the book I’m reading because I’m curious. I’ve spoiled a lot of books for myself this way but if it’s a good book, I won’t give a damn and keep reading anyway.

Would you rather get locked in a library OR get locked in a bookstore?

I think I would feel a lot safer being locked into a library because…I don’t know it’s public? But libraries tend to be bigger than book-stores and I would probably freak out. It’s decided. LIBRARY!

Would you rather… Drop your book in a lake OR accidentally set it on fire?

Either way, it would be irreparably damaged. But I’ll pick FIRE because I wouldn’t jump into that lake but I could at-least put out the fire.


Would you rather… Read a book with a cliffhanger ending OR read a book with a heartbreaking ending?

Heartbreaking ending because at-least I have closure then. But cliffhangers are only bad when the next book hasn’t been released.

Would you rather… Have the book’s ending spoiled OR never know what happens

SPOILERS PLEASE! I know most people hate spoilers but I am pretty indifferent toward them..Except if it means not knowing what happens because I MUST HAVE CLOSURE.


Would you rather… read only one genre forever OR never repeat the same genre after reading it once?

Read only one genre! If I had to pick one, it would have to be either contemporary or fantasy. The thought of never getting to read more than one contemporary or fantasy book is just… yea no, I can live with just one genre but not hopping around.

Would you rather… Read a book where the main character is killed off OR read a book where the love interest is killed off?

I guess it would depend on which character is worse. Sometimes I hate the love interest, sometimes I hate the MC. But okay, if they were both 100% awesome…I’d rather see the love interest go because I’m going to be more attached to the MC since the book is from their perspective.


Would you rather… Read a book that’s missing the middle chapter OR read a book that’s missing the first and last chapters?

I think reading the first and last chapters would at-least paint a clearer picture for me than just reading the middle chapter…so I’d rather read a book that’s missing the middle chapter.

Would you rather… love a book everyone hates OR hate a book everyone loves

From experience, it’s so much nicer loving a book that everyone hates because I LOVE THE BOOK.

belle books

Would you rather… loan a book to a friend who’s known to ruin books OR drop a book in a pit of snakes?

I think I’d at-least stand a chance of getting my book back from that friend…..but a pit of snakes? Sorry so not jumping in there!

Would you rather…. Be stuck on a deserted island without a book OR be stuck in a library full of books in a language you can’t read

Library full of books in a language I can’t read! Why, you ask? Well maybe I’ll be able to learn that language AND I find being surrounded by books comforting (which is why I LOVE libraries!).


Would you rather… Bring only 1 book on a 12 hour flight OR bring an e-reader with only 10% left on a 4 hour flight?

Bring only one book on a 12 hour flight. Maybe it’s blasphemy to say this but I usually watch more TV than I read books on flights. For some reason, I find it hard to focus.

Would you rather… Find out your best friend hates your favourite book OR share a favourite book with your worst enemy?

I’d rather find out my best friend hates my favorite book. Everyone has their own opinion. I don’t really care as long as she doesn’t try to deface my copy of the book or anything. Also, I’m usually the one who hates my friend’s favorite book.


So that was easy! No I’m joking…it was awfully hard – you should walk away while you still can!.Too late! I TAG YOU! 

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